Network & Business Analytics, Fraud Reporting, Voice Quality Analysis, Protocol Analysis


That’s what the Network Analytics suite from Utel Systems is all about: To take billions of data records from telecom networks all around the world and letting it all make perfect sense right in front of you – on the screen of your computer, tablet or mobile. Making you able to understand, control and maintain superior network quality and performance – all key factors to boost brand loyalty, improve revenue and growing market shares.



STINGA Performance Analyzer provides a powerful Network & Business Analytics tool presenting network statistics and KPIs in interactive dashboards. It is an easily accessible and a fully flexible solution.


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STINGA Call Trace

Calls and transactions, protocol signaling and call flow correlating from multiple network interfaces and technologies.

STINGA Call Trace makes error tracking easier.


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STINGA Protocol Analyzer

STINGA Protocol Analyzer provides crisp insights for real-time and off-line protocol monitoring, decoding and analysis. 

Protocol stacks within Mobile, IP, TDM and Converged Networks are supported.


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Network & Business Analytics
Live & Scheduled KPI Reporting
Alarms & Thresholds
Integration with STINGA Monitoring Probes
Import 3rd-party Metadata
Real-time and Off-line Protocol Analysis
Voice Quality Analysis
Interactive Dashboards – drill it, dice it, slice it
Fraud/Wangiri Reporting
Available from Browsers, Tablets and Phones
Integration with 3rd-party Monitoring Solutions
Export to Excel & PDF
Call Trace & Message Flow Diagram
Fraud, Mobile, Roaming, VoIP, TDM

10 things STINGA Network Analytics Suite can do for you!

1. Traffic Analysis

STINGA Performance Analyzer provides a powerful Network & Business Analytics tool presenting network statistics and KPIs in interactive dashboards. It is an easily accessible and a fully flexible solution running on top of STINGA Monitoring System or 3rd-party network monitoring solutions.

2. Real-Time & Off-Line Analysis

STINGA Protocol Analyzer and STINGA Call Trace offer real-time and off-line protocol signaling decoding and analysis.

3. Call Flow

STINGA Call Trace utilizes a server-side search engine to search for historical XDRs and present the details both tabularly and graphically in Ladder Diagrams. with the possibility to drill-down to fully decoded protocol signaling messages.

4. End-to-End Correlation

STINGA Call Trace offer the possibility to correlate XDRs across multiple networks and protocols.

5. Data Analytics & Visualization

STINGA Performance Analyzer lets users visualize and analyze data with grids, charts and graphs.

6. Mass Call & Fraud Reporting

Identify fraudulent voice calls or messaging services from Mass Call dashboards and reports in STINGA Performance Analyzer.

7. Live & Scheduled Reporting

STINGA Performance Analyzer offers near real-time KPI reporting as well as scheduled reporting.

8. Alerts

Get email alerts when KPIs deviate from baseline or specified threshold values.

9. Voice Quality Analysis

STINGA Performance Analyzer can present MOS, R-factor, packet loss, jitter and delay related to VoIP calls.

10. Virtualized / On-premises

STINGA Network Analysis tools are web-based applications running in a fully virtualized or on-premises environment.

Customer Reviews

Telenor Global Services

Endre Syvertsen, Sr. Product Manager – Fraud Solutions


“BT Ireland has used the STINGA Monitoring System for 10 years. We have found the monitoring probe solution to be incredibly flexible and feature rich. It allow us to troubleshoot our IP voice platform in a prompt and efficient manner, reducing repair times and allows us to meet SLAs. The support we get from Utel Systems is exceptional, from sales to technical support they offer a complete end to end solution.”

Seán O’Connor, Core Voice Enginerer