Real-time and Off-line Protocol Analysis and Decoding

Utel Real-time Analyzer takes you to the microscopic level of your network. It enables you to go through the complete lifecycle of any event that occurs on your network. Its unique interface makes data interpretation & analysis much easier.

Utel Real-time Analyzer is suitable for real-time and off-line protocol monitoring, decoding and analysis. Advanced filtering, call trace and message flow diagrams are available for efficient network troubleshooting and error tracking. Data can be visualized and exported in various formats to provide crisp insights.

Protocol stacks within Mobile, IP and TDM Networks are supported.



Utel Real-time Analyzer is a stand-alone real-time protocol analyzer – a complete system of software and hardware to monitor network traffic over mobile, IP and TDM interfaces.

Telecommunication networks are becoming more complex, new services are introduced continuously, the amount of traffic increases dramatically and the demands on quality just gets higher and higher. In a competitive market, monitoring network signals, network protocols and network behavior is more important than ever. For network operators and service providers, Utel Real-time Analyzer is a essential tool in ensuring Quality of Services (QoS) and good user experience.


Utel Real-time Analyzer helps network operators and service providers to meet new challenges. Monitoring networks with Utel Real-time Analyzer give network operators and service providers a true assessment of network signals and performance. These detailed network data are useful in terms of becoming more proactive, gain better control over own networks, and ensuring the network is delivering on its premises. The monitored data can work as a basis for network planning, analysis of customer experience, protocol analysis, and network surveillance etc.


To ensure our customers are up-to-date, all Utel products are adapted to new technological changes. New protocols and versions are added continuously. Other protocols and national protocol variants are implemented on customer request. Expert support and product demonstrations are offered online.


  • Resolve your network issues before anyone notice
  • Better control of own networks
  • Efficient monitoring tool
  • Easier to discover protocol irregularities
  • Improves Quality of Service
  • Fraud detection
  • Billing and accuracy verifications
  • Easy-to-use


Mobile, IP and TDM Networks
Real-time Monitoring, Decoding and Statistics
CDR Generation & Reporting
Multiple Ethernet and E1/T1 Interfaces
Advanced Filtering
Windows-based Notebook & Desktop Solutions

Customer Reviews

Telenor Global Services

“Our relation with Utel started over a decade ago. Utel has consistently delivered over and above our expectations. Their high technical competence make them a valued and trusted partner, and their customer service is unsurpassed.”

Per Lorentsen, CTO


“When we took delivery of our Utel product, we were extremely impressed by the help and support provided by Utel. They assisted us with the initial configuration and demonstrated many of its features. Utel have been extremely proactive in requesting feedback on its usability. Any errors have been dealt with promptly and made available in extremely short timescales. A really useful product with a great team backing it up.”

Andy D. Fisk, Integration Test Engineer